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Online Bar & Bat Mitzvah Lessons

Is your child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah coming up?

I can help prepare your child and officiate the ceremony.


Let’s work together and capitalize on what motivates kids today: the internet and technology, like iPhones, tablets, and laptops. Let me make your child’s learning experience enjoyable and their Bar/Bat Mitzvah meaningful and memorable.


Learn with Cantor Ben using audio lessons and email communication!

Cantor Ben makes studying fun using technology with which kids are comfortable; kids are highly motivated and engaged throughout the process.

All study sheets provided in Hebrew or English (Transliteration) - whichever helps the student most. 

How it works:


Cantor Ben sends audio recordings to student

  • Cantor Ben sends complete recording of Torah/Haftorah to student with study sheets


Student sends recording back to Cantor Ben

  • Student makes weekly or daily audio recordings of work in progress and sends to Cantor Ben


Cantor Ben responds with recording of corrections 

  • Cantor Ben sends recording back to student of any required corrections within 24 hours of receiving student's work - usually faster!


Parents stay informed

  • Ongoing  progress reports sent to parents via email or text messages

  • Cantor Ben is responsive and accessible - same day reply to all communication 

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About Me

I've been a Cantor in Toronto for nearly 20 years. In that time, I have taught many  happy Bar and Bat Mitzvah students.

In the early years, before internet, Skype, FaceTime etc., I taught kids the old fashioned way: sitting with them once a week after school when they were tired, giving them homework and hoping they would come back prepared the next week.

Truthfully, it was often like pulling teeth to get the kids to practice.

That all changed a few years ago when I switched to interactive online learning.  I saw a drastic increase in engagement and quality of the final product

I saw:

Excitement – UP!

Speed of learning – UP!

Confidence – UP!

Quality of Performance – UP!

Positive feelings about learning and Judaism – WAY UP!

Let’s work together and capitalize on what motivates kids today – and let me make your child’s learning experience and Bar/Bat Mitzvah meaningful and memorable.


Your child will want to learn, excel on their Big Day and have only positive feelings about the process, Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Judaism!

  • Accelerated learning approach

  • Your time is precious - eliminate scheduling hassles

  • Eliminate cancelled lessons/wasted time due to bad weather, illness and holidays

  • Eliminate fear of a person working so closely with your child especially during Covid times 

  • No need to wait for the next lesson - get immediate and regular feedback each week



  • Lessons with a trained musical professional 

  • Confidence inspired by bringing out the best vocals and musicality

  • Proper singing and breathing technique

  • Reduced stress and fears of public performance


  • 24/7 accesibility with super fast response time 

  • Dedication to ensure that your child's big day is a success

  • All recordings and materials are provided


  • Recordings made in a comfortable key for a 12/13 year old

  • Portions written out in English if child can't read Hebrew

  • Patented tune marks over each Hebrew/English word to make the singing easier

"I was very worried about learning my Bat Mitzvah as I could not read or speak Hebrew before I started my lessons.  Cantor Ben was great, he helped me to learn and gave me confidence I needed to never give up . He is very patient and always made me feel that I could do it. I also liked that we could use shared online recordings and videos, emails and voice recordings as that is how I learn best. I was very nervous on the day, but Cantor Ben made me feel that I could do it.  Thank you Cantor Ben."

Jasmine C

Cantor Ben taught my all three of my children their Bar Mitzvah lessons, and I can honestly say they never needed to be prodded to attend.  When all of their big days arrived, they were all tremendously prepared and breezed through the morning.  He even coached me to participate in my twins’ B’nai Mitzvah and that was probably his most remarkable achievement

David F

“As a rabbi, I have had the privilege of working closely with Cantor Ben Silverberg. He is that rare combination of a patient and gentle teacher who knows the synagogue service like the back of his hand and how to work with bar and bat mitzvah kids of every ability and background to help them be their best on their big day. 

His students and their families love working with him, because he makes it a point to work with them: starting at whatever point the child is in terms of prior knowledge and ability, he guides them with exceptional understanding to not just learn the mechanics of chanting Torah and Haftarah, but to learn the significance of becoming bar or bat mitzvah in today's world.

And most important: he teaches, by natural example, how to be a mentsh, a lesson that is not lost on the children and families who work with him. I'm delighted to recommend him, just as I am delighted to know him.”

Rabbi Steven Schwarzman

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