Ben uses a unique way of teaching that is both fun and helpful. He made learning a breeze for me!

Marcus S

Cantor Ben has a strong yet caring and supportive teaching style. He taught all three of my children for their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and helped them to achieve their learning goals and feel confident as they led prayers and were called to the Torah.

Naomi H

Cantor Ben was patient and caring and used a teaching approach that ensured our was son ready.

Michael M

Cantor Ben is an exceptional teacher with the right amount of patience, encouragement and structure to teach our daughter her Bat Mitzvah. With one of the longest parashas of the Torah, our daughter recited her portion clearly and accurately making her whole family proud. We are indebted to Cantor Ben for his time and dedication to making the most significant day of her Jewish life so perfect.

Mark C

It is with pleasure that we recommend Cantor Ben Silverberg as a Bar Mitzvah teacher.  Cantor Ben tutored our youngest son for his Bar Mitzvah.  He is very pleasant, patient, kind and helpful and our son learned his Parsha and Haftorah beautifully. Cantor Ben's lessons prepared him fully for his Bar Mitzvah and we enjoyed listening to our son practice daily after each lesson. On the day of his Bar Mitzvah, our son stood proudly on the Bimah next to Cantor Ben and did a stellar job reciting his Torah portion. Working with Cantor Ben was a wonderful experience for our family.

Sam and Susan M

Ahead of my Bar Mitzvah, I knew very little about reading Torah. Cantor Ben taught me how to read Torah and Haftorah, including how to read the Haftorah musically. I found my lessons with him to be so much fun. He practiced my sections with me and guided me to pronounce the words correctly, and with the right emphasis. He was patient, warm, and supportive throughout. Through our lessons, Cantor Ben realized I had an aptitude for music, and he encouraged me to develop it further. He taught me several duets, which we performed in front of our congregation. He went on to teach me how to lead Shabbat  services as well.  During my Bar Mitzvah I led part of the service for my congregation. This was a really wonderful experience for me and my family, and it would not have been possible without to Cantor Ben's instruction and guidance.

Dr. Warren F

Cantor Ben is a wonderful Bar and Bat Mitzvah teacher; successfully helping his students learn to recite their portions with confidence and pride.  His kind and gentle way of engaging with children allows them to feel comfortable while working with him.  I highly recommend Cantor Ben as a terrific teacher.

Jodi R

Cantor Ben made learning my portion very easy.  He always had positive energy that made learning fun.

Jonah P

I enjoyed working with Cantor Ben on learning my Bat Mitzvah portion.  He helped me reach my goal of learning
my portion successfully and confidently

Tamar P